Izumi REC-P1 (BB) Battery Hydraulic Pump

REC-P1 (BB) Battery Hydraulic Pump

The REC-P1(BB) kit has a battery powered hydraulic pump (700Bar) with hard wired remote control switch, batteries (2 x Li-Ion) and charger (12/24VDC). A quiet and powerful pump unit, the 28.8VDC motor provides an intermittent duty hydraulic power source to a remote head up to 60 ton capacity.
The remote control permits operator to advance, retract and stop the piston at any desired position. With a 1L reservoir tank it is capable of operating a 60 ton compression head.
Two batteries must be inserted into the cartridge slots of the pump because they are connected in series to activate 28.8V DC motor
NOTE: Two BP-80 battery packs are required to power this pump. Hoses sold separately.

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Izumi REC-P1 (BB) Battery Hydraulic Pump
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