EZ50 Stringing Gun

Zeitler AG EZ50 Stringing Gun for conduit 18 – 50mm ID.

• Blow or vacuum pull line without a compressor (ø 1 mm, tensile strength 24 kg)
• For all commercially available cable conduits (internal diameter from ø 18 to 50 mm)
• For cable installations in private, business and industrial buildings
• Appropriate for flexible conduits/innerducts
• Trouble shooter for blocked conduits
• Huge time saving in cable feeding on longer distances
• Lightweight and compact, easy to handle
• Excellent accessibility, even in confined spaces
• Perfect value for money

Additional Information

More Information

Complete kit in strong plastic case including:

1 EZ50 stringing gun (230V/50Hz)
2 pull line rolls (1mm diameter, tensile strength approx 24 kg, length approx. 900m)
1 suction device
1 component set A: 2 joints ½” reducer 19/12 mm plus nozzle int. Ø 9,5 mm
1 component set B: 3 joints ¾” nozzle int. Ø 16 mm plus nozzle int. Ø 19 mm
1 special nozzle black, for int. Ø from 25 to 50 mm
1 special nozzle with 90° angle, Ø ext. 12 mm
3 beads each (round) of 11mm, 13mm, 16mm diameters
1 operating Manual


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EZ50 Stringing Gun
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