EDXtreme Crane Scale

A crane scale is a dynamometer outfitted with equipment appropriate for suspended weighing, such as large openings in upper shackles, with hooks on the bottom and large dials for easy distant viewing.

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The EDXtreme Crane Scale offers accurate repeatable readings which are essential to correct weighing. The higher standards set for the EDX Crane Scales meant taking the time to ensure that material characteristics, load element design and strain gauge meshed perfectly.

EDXtreme Crane Scales are made up of two parts, an EDXtreme Dynamometer and the associated crane scale hardware kit which includes the following: a swivel hook, oversized shackle assembly & a wooden shipping/storage crate.

  • Enclosure: Designed to NEMA4X/IP55. Suitable for continuous outdoor use.
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of capacity up to EDX-25T.
  • Repeatability: 0.1% of capacity up to EDX-25T.
  • Safe Overload: 200% of capacity.
  • Body Protection: aluminium and alloy steel components are powder coated.
  • Bearings: Unmatched repeatability attained by needle bearings in shackle pin holes up to EDX-5T. Shackle pin acts as inner race.
  • Shackles: Forged industry standard anchor shackles. Models up to EDX-5T use precision machined shackle pin. Higher capacities use bar stock pin.
  • Display: 128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display shows up to 6 digits 1.0” (26 mm) high
  • Connector: Recessed sealed connector may be used for serial communications or connection to a Communicator II remote.
  • RS-232 Communication: Print or extract data easily.
  • Options: Shackles. Radio communications.
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EDXtreme Crane Scale
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