Durapac SyncMaster Synchronous Lifting System

The Durapac SYNCMASTER® Synchronous Lift System is a Computer Controlled, Hydraulic Lifting System that provides the highest degree of safety to personnel and property associated with large-scale engineering / maintenance projects.

  • Precise control of up to 320 individual lifting points is available.

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  • Parameters within the lifting system can be set to ensure that the lift does not proceed outside a predetermined lift plan.
  • SyncMaster can in real time monitor and calculate cylinder loads, stroke lengths, total loads and the centre of gravity – all of which will provide the operator with an alarm and automatically stop the lift from continuing should they exceed set parameters.
  • The centre of gravity feature is a function that defines a programmable rectangular or circular boundary outside of which the centre of a mass cannot move.
  • If the centre of mass approaches this boundary, an alarm is given and the lift stops automatically.  This is a key safety design feature for use in the movement of tall or unevenly loaded structures.
  • SyncMaster allows for precision control and monitoring of complex lifting applications.
  • Every configuration, process, alert and operator function is displayed and recorded in real time, thus reducing the costly overheads associated with manual control, measurements and comparisons to lift plans.
  • All lift and alert data is collected during the lift process and this data can easily be exported to an application for analysis and planning of future lifts.
  • Standard Inclusions :
    • Modular design can be configured with 4, 8, 12, 16 or 20 lifting points per block
    • 16 blocks can be linked to achieve 320 individual lifting points
    • Pressure transducers
    • Analogue pressure gauge
    • Adjustable pressure relief valves (Adv. & Ret)
    • Oil temperature alarm
    • Oil filter alarm
    • Emergency stop
    • 15″” full colour touch screen
    • Flow control valves
  • Optional Items :
    • Externally mounted stroke encoder
    • Internally mounted stroke encoder
    • Dual encoder inputs per lift point


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Durapac SyncMaster Synchronous Lifting System
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