Durapac PDM3054-RAIL Diesel Driven Railway Power Unit

The PDM3054-Rail Diesel Driven Railway Power Unit is ideal for demanding tasks on the railway, providing a minimum flow of 2.5 Lpm at 700 bar pressure. It’s tailored for operating rail tensors and weld shears, essential equipment in the railway sector.

More Information

Selector Valve:
A selector valve enables the selection of the tool to operate.

Individual Directional Control:
Each tool has its own directional control valve.

Single or Double Acting:
Tools can operate as single or double acting.

Max. Operating Pressure Set Per Tool:
Different tools may have varying maximum operating pressures.

The dashboard includes an engine management panel, speed control, and pressure gauge.

12 V Battery:
The unit includes a 12-volt battery.

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Durapac PDM3054-RAIL Diesel Driven Railway Power Unit
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