Durapac DPA-50D Air Hydraulic Pump

The DPA-50D (4.6 L) Air Driven Hydraulic Power Units feature a 4-way / 3-position manual directional control valve. This pump is designed to power double-acting, small to medium-sized hydraulic cylinders and tools.

More Information

  • Directional Control Valve: A 4 way / 3 position manual directional control valve will operate double acting cylinders.
  • Operate from Shop Air: Will operate on an air pressure range of 3-8 bar.
  • Strength: A high strength steel oil reservoir.
  • 700 Bar Operating Pressure: All models have a maximum working pressure of 700 bar.
  • Ready to Go: All pumps are supplied pre-filled with oil and ready for immediate use.
  • Support: All models are repairable and spare parts are readily available.
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Durapac DPA-50D Air Hydraulic Pump
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