Durapac DPA-38D Air Hydraulic Pump

The DPA-38D Air Hydraulic Pump has been demonstrated in the field as a cost-effective option for powering small to medium hydraulic cylinders and tools wherever compressed air is accessible.

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This unit boasts a maximum operational pressure of 700 bar, reinforced by robust metal oil reservoirs to ensure strength and longevity. It comes pre-filled with oil, facilitating immediate use upon delivery. Equipped with a double-acting mechanism and a 4-way/3-position directional control valve, it offers versatile functionality. Additionally, models with varying oil capacities are available, catering to both smaller and larger requirements. A standard version is also offered, lacking the 4-way/3-position directional control valve.


Product Features:


4 Way Directional Control Valve – Operate Double Acting Cylinders (3 Position)
Recommended Air Pressure Range: 4-12 Bar
3.8L High Strength Reinforced Alloy Oil Reservoir
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Durapac DPA-38D Air Hydraulic Pump
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