DURAPAC complete manifold 700 BAR working pressure

The VMN-Series Needle Valve Manifold with Transport Frame is specifically crafted for utilization with 700 bar hand pumps and power units. It provides a practical answer for controlling numerous cylinders using only one input source.

More Information

  • Robust Frame: Provides convenience for transportation and mechanical protection of critical components.
  • Powder Coated Finish: The powder coated finish enhances appearance and reduces corrosion.
  • Components: Components are standard Durapac manifolds, gauges and accessories.
  • Spare Parts: Spare parts are available from Durapac stockists.
  • Couplings: Standard couplings are CR-6 high flow screw couplings. Other styles are available on request.
  • 700 Bar Working Pressure: 700 bar working pressure is compatible with all commonly available 700 bar systems.

Gauge Adaptor & Gauge included with each model

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DURAPAC complete manifold 700 BAR working pressure
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