Nitro D – Diesel

NITRO is an heavy duty hydraulic power unit with a Diesel 25HP Kubota water-cooled engine, designed to operate high-flow hydraulic tools and equipment.

Made by Doa in Italy

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NITRO can be delivered with one or two parallel circuits or with different hydraulic power according to customer specifications, for example:

  • 50 L/ min @ 140 Bar, or
  • 38 L/ min @ 200 Bar or
  • two flows:
    1. 20 L/min and
    2. 30 L/min, that can be added having one single circuit of 50 L/min.

The large capacity oil tank and the double radiator cooling system guarantee ideal hydraulic conditions even in demanding applications.

The typical use is to drive heavy duty hydraulic equipment like drilling equipment, big water pumps, powering underwater tools and in all applications where there is need for a professional level hydraulic supply.

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Nitro D – Diesel
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