Coming TL-500 Portable Rechargeable Light Tower 5.3m Tall (Three Battery Compartments)

This device is a single-person operated, battery-powered unit, designed for tasks that may involve lifting, positioning, or transporting materials. It features a range of components to enhance its functionality and user-friendliness.

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  • TL500 13.8ft Mast Light Tower (1 piece)
  • Lithium-ion Battery Pack (D24-500) 488 Watt-Hours (3 pieces)
  • Dual Bay Simultaneous Charger (MC-2H), Input AC 100-277V (1 piece)
  • AC Driver (X5-320), Input AC 100-240V, 277V (1 piece)

The Coming TL-500 Light Tower significantly reduces equipment, life-cycle consumption, transportation, and maintenance costs compared to traditional fuel generator light towers.


  • Lumens: Up to 62,000 (AC) / 33,000 (battery)
  • Flexibility: Four individual light heads for versatile task lighting
  • Mast: Motorized telescopic mast extends to 13.8 ft rapidly
  • Storage: Collapses to 54 inches for easy storage and transport
  • Runtime: Over 20 hours (Standard mode, D24-500 x 3)
  • Portability: Wheeled design for easy movement
  • Stability: Outriggers ensure stability on uneven terrain
  • Durability: IP65 waterproof, withstands 40 MPH winds, corrosion-resistant

One-Person Transport and Versatile Use:

The Coming TL500 Tower Light is a rugged and portable lighting solution, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. With an impressive 62,000 Lumens output, it provides optimal illumination for various tasks and large areas. The motorized mast, featuring four LED light heads, extends to 13.8 feet, providing excellent overhead lighting and reducing shadows. For convenience, the light collapses to 54 inches, making storage and transport easy. Its wheeled design ensures smooth movement across rough terrain, perfect for early-phase construction or navigating pan decking for concrete pours. Built to endure harsh conditions, the light is resistant to rain, dust, and can withstand winds up to 40 miles per hour, thanks to its built-in outriggers.


  • Terrain: Easily transported by one person on any terrain
  • Stability: Climbs heights without a forklift if necessary, remains stable on muddy ground with maximum contact surface
  • Wading Depth: Up to 10cm, with a waterline mark on the light tower body

The TL-500 Light Tower is designed with a high-capacity battery to ensure extended illumination. It’s perfect for outdoor adventures, camping, emergencies, or long working hours, providing reliable and long-lasting light without the need for frequent recharging or battery replacement.

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Coming TL-500 Portable Rechargeable Light Tower 5.3m Tall (Three Battery Compartments)
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