Alkitronic CL Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench

Alkitronic® CL Series are perfect for bolted applications in hazardous, explosive environments with continuous rotation when tightening, or loosening for all heavy duty
fastening connections. Pneumatic torque multipliers by alkitronic are superior to conventional pneumatic powered wrenches. Our pneumatic torque multipliers do not “strike” (unlike conventional “impact wrenches”), but rotate continuously. Therefore they provide greater torque accuracy, higher performance, more reliable technology, less need for repairs, and lower running costs.

Made by Alkitronic in Germany.

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Specifications and Features:

  • Alkitronic® CLS quick, compact torque multiplier for torques of 55 to 1,070 ft.lbs.
  • Alkitronic® CLDcomfortable torque multiplier with rotating handle for torques of 225 to 7,225 ft.lbs.
  • Alkitronic® CLS2 high-performance 2-gear machine for torques of 90 to 35,855 ft.lbs.
  • Permanently higher joint quality (compared to impact and hydraulic wrenches) by continuous rotation of the square drive.
  • Alkitronic® CLD – the 360 degree rotating handle ensures comfortable operation. Barely any reaction forces are transferred to the user.
  • Alkitronic® CLS2 with fast gear for turning in and simple, quick switching to power gear (is used for applying the final torque).
  • Simple 1-finger operation for right/left rotation, option to enable the reaction to be locked in one position.
  • Robust cast aluminum housing with proven pneumatic drive.
  • Proven high-performance gears, produced in a chip-free, highprecision process produce high loads with low wear.
  • Alkitronic® CLS2 with uniquely high torque – 35,855 ft.lbs.
  • Optional silencer levels to reduce the noise from the motor exhaust on request.


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Alkitronic CL Series Pneumatic Torque Wrench
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