15 bar (218 psi) lifting bag

High-pressure lifting bags from HTC are your ultimate solution for elevating the heaviest loads.
These bags apply maximum force precisely where you need it, making them the top choice for raising rigid structures in confined spaces.

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Explore Lifting Bags at HTC: Setting a New Standard in Rescue and Recovery
Discover the lifting bags at HTC, designed to meet the standard 15 bar pressure class with exceptional lifting capacity. These lifting bags not only boast a robust lifting performance but also come with enhanced safety features and an improved user experience.
At HTC, we’ve taken our proven assortment to the next level, introducing a revolutionary concept in the realm of rescue and recovery. Our innovative design brings forth a host of new features, both in the bags themselves and their accompanying accessories.
Key Features of Lifting Bags:
  • High Lifting Capacity: Engineered to excel under 15 bar pressure, deliver superior lifting performance for demanding rescue operations.
  • Enhanced Safety Features:  prioritize safety with advanced features to ensure secure and reliable usage in critical situations.
  • User Experience Upgrades: Experience a new level of convenience and usability with thoughtful design improvements that cater to the user’s needs.
  • Revolutionary Design: showcasing a modern and innovative design that sets them apart in the rescue and recovery domain.
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15 bar (218 psi) lifting bag
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