Introducing the Hydraulic Front Drum Winch from HTC, a robust solution with a 55 kN capacity, specifically designed for versatility in stringing LV and MV overhead lines, hoisting, tower erection, and underground cabling and sagging. This winch is engineered for excellence and transportable by helicopter, ensuring you have the power you need, wherever your operations take you.
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Hydraulic Circuit with Negative Brake System: Benefit from a robust hydraulic circuit featuring a negative brake system, ensuring precise control and enhanced safety during operations.
Dynamometer with Load-Limiter Device: The winch comes with a built-in dynamometer, providing direct reading of the pulling value. The load-limiter device adds an extra layer of safety, preventing overloading and ensuring optimal performance.
Independent Mechanical Stabilizers (30 kg): Enjoy stability in various terrains with independent mechanical stabilizers, each weighing 30 kg, ensuring a secure foundation for your operations.
Rigid Axle with Tires for Towing (Up to 30 km/h): The winch is equipped with a rigid axle and tires, allowing for towing at speeds of up to 30 km/h (76 kg), ensuring flexibility and mobility on the field.
Balanced Top Lifting Point and Anchoring Attachments: The winch features a balanced top lifting point and reliable anchoring attachments, providing versatility and ease of use in different scenarios.
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