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by Daniel Brice - 16 October 2012

2000 ton control lift with electronic measuring system

As part of the Christchurch's new Southern Motorway, Fulton Hogan Civil has undertaken one of the South Island's largest roading projects in recent times. A brand new four lane bridge is being constructed to allow traffic to flow uninterrupted over the busy Barrington Street.

During the build process, there was a requirement to lift the entire bridge at once before lowering it to its final resting position. HTC were brought in to "make the hard job easy".

After walking though the project it was decided the best solution would be twenty low height Durapac 100ton jacks. At only 140mm in height these jacks provide a huge amount of power from an easily manageable 23kg each.

The 2000ton of lift was controlled and powered by a combination of quality Riken manifolds, shut off valves and one mighty Riken MP-15 three phase pump. For safety reasons anti burst valves were used throughout the system in case of any accidental damage to the 200 odd meters of 4:1 safety hose snaking the length and width of the structure.

HTC also put together an electronic measuring system that allowed the lift manager to monitor in real time mm by mm. This system consisted of stroke sensors attached to selected rams feeding information back to digital display units.

With Barrington street being such a busy thorough fare only a limited road closure was granted, with this in mind it was imperative that the lift plan was fully fleshed out and the entire system was assembled weeks earlier and tested.

Even with countless earthquakes and a massive snow dump one week before lift night the Fulton Hogan Civil crew applied the horse power and stayed on track. On the night everything went to plan and ahead of schedule.

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