Medium Pipe drill (Drilling and tapping)

The new PipeMAB525 magnetic core drilling machines from BDS Germany.

Design specifically for drilling round or non flat surfaces the patented pipe magnetic clamping system has two permanent magnets which automatically adapt to the pipes diameter.

The swivel arrangement of the permanent magnets allows pivoting to conform to any pipe of 75mm (3″) diameter or larger, on straight surfaces as well as inside and outside of the curved surfaces.

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Powerful magnetic adhesion force of up to a maximum 1020 kg (20 mm material thickness), both permanent magnets are activated with a short turn of the clamping lever.

The long set-up surfaces provide optimum adhesion and safety.
The pivoting movement of the magnets automatically positions the drilling unit in the central drilling position.
Result: Fast, accurate and safe drilling with the BDS PipeMAB series.

  • Motor output 1,600 W (14.50 Amp)
  • Stroke 160 mm
  • Weight 19,5 kg
  • Spindle taper MT 3
  • Gear 1 range 70 – 280 rpm
  • Gear 2 range 180 – 580 rpm
  • Permanent internal lubrication
  • Variable speed & torque controls
  • Full wave control electronics
  • Overheat protection
  • Clockwise/anticlockwise rotation

Core drill 50 mm

Cutting depth 40 mm

Twist drill 20 mm

Tapping M20


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Medium Pipe drill (Drilling and tapping)
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