Induction Heater

DHI-45C INDUCTION HEATER is a portable, water-cooled induction heater.
Can often be used in the same way a propane-butane and oxyacetylene torch would be but without bare flame or spark.
Heating of tubes, round metal, sections, sleeves, nuts, bolts and other structural elements for pressing, soldering, forming, bending, forging, surface hardening, defrosting, etc.

Ideal for removing frozen and corroded nuts and can even be used for soft soldering and brazing applications

Huge advantage in situations where sparks or naked flames are not allowed

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More Information

Full control of output
The device is ready for use in automated operations.
Two-metre induction burner designed for heating of ferromagnetic and conductive materials with optional replaceable extenders for induction coils.
Its design is optimised for use of round coils with optional specific focus coils. Its compact and robust design, versatile uses, mobility, smooth power adjustment, high power output and ease of use make it ideal for diverse applications in manufacturing operations, prototype shops, automation and other industries.

Parameter Value
Order no. 07-012
Power supply requirements 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption 16 A
Ingress Protection Code IP22
Operation frequency 18-60 kHz
Power control (CP mode) % 10-100% of Pmax
El. field control (CF mode) 30-100% of Imax
Burner length 2 m
Input power P1max 3,7 kW
Induction output power P2 max 5 kVA
Power factor for preformance of 100 % ≥0.85
Coolant capacity 2,5 l
Dimensions 240x200x440 mm
Weight 13.5 kg, including water cooling.
No need for user training and certification.
Wide range of accessories.


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Induction Heater
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