Hikoki 36V Rebar Bender and Cutter VB3616DA ( GGZ )

Experience innovation at HTC Hire with the HiKOKI 36V Cordless Rebar Cutter and Bender, the world’s first of its kind.

This tool revolutionizes on-site efficiency and at HTC Hire, it’s available to professionals like you.

With a powerful brushless motor, it can effortlessly handle rebar up to 16mm. Explore its portability and advanced features for on-site applications

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Precision Bending and Cutting: With a maximum bending and cutting capacity of 16mm, the HiKOKI cordless rebar cutter and bender ensures precise results for a wide range of rebar sizes. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset for professionals in the construction industry.

 Extended Battery Life: One of the key advantages of this tool is its long battery life. With a fully charged battery, you can expect approximately 170 cuts or 310 bends. This means less downtime for recharging and more productivity on the job site.

Lightweight and Portable: Weighing just 18.9kg, the HiKOKI cordless rebar cutter and bender is exceptionally lightweight and easy to transport. Its portability is ideal for on-site applications, where mobility is essential for efficient work.

Adjustable Angle Settings: This tool offers flexibility with angle settings ranging from 45 degrees to 180 degrees. Whether you need precise bends or specific angles for your project, the HiKOKI cordless rebar cutter and bender has you covered.

When you choose this tool, you receive more than just the cutter and bender. The package includes two batteries and a charger unit, ensuring you have everything you need to get started right away.


  • 16mm Max Bending and Cutting.
  • Battery Life 170 Cuts or 310 Bends Approx with fully charged battery.
  • Lightweight 18.9kg
  • 62mm center roller (Optional rollers available on request)  
  • Angle Settings 45deg to 180deg
  • 2 Batteries and Charger Unit included

Ready to experience the convenience and efficiency of the HiKOKI Cordless Rebar Cutter and Bender from HTC Hire? Contact us today to learn more and elevate your construction projects.

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Hikoki 36V Rebar Bender and Cutter VB3616DA ( GGZ )
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