Endless Rope Winch

Endless Rope Winch

Endless rope winch capable of 300 or 600kg and unlimited lifting height.

Unlike units that run steel rope or heavy chain these use a fairly standard double braided rope which is fed in from a separate rope bag or drum. This makes the unit very light and portable but still capable of very long lifts.

Excellent for tall structures like wind turbines and elevator shafts.

When fitted with the optional sheeve system the capacity increase from 300 to 600Kg (rope speed of course reduces at the same time)

Made in Germany by Goracon

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More Information

A specialised winch often used in the wind industry for lifting tools up 75m+ towers, these days they are used for everything from elevator construction to structural projects.
The rope is carried separately from the winch making it lighter and easier to set up and get to site certainly lighter than an electric chain hoist.
Once fitted, the sheeve kit increases the hoist capacity from 300kg to 600kg

Endless Rope Winch features:

Model: Goracon Smartrac 300 Vario
Manufactured in: Germany
Rope speed: 300kg = 17m/min, 600= 6m/min
Rope diameter: 11mm Polyester with sheath
Power supply: 230v
Weight:32 Kg


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Endless Rope Winch
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