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MH1810 Makita 70LB Electric Breaker

MH1810 Makita 70LB Electric Breaker. For precision depth control and straight line cutting from a standing position.

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MH1810 Makita 70LB Electric Breaker Technical specifications :

Drive shank Hex : 1.1/8″ AF Hex.
Blows per minute : 1,100 bpm
Energy: 44.9 Joules.
Vibration chiselling : 9 m/sec.
Vibration K factor : 1.5 m/sec.
Input wattage : 240v – 1,900 watt. 110v – 1,700 watt.
Noise sound power : 104 dB(A).
Noise sound pressure : 84 dB(A).
Noise K factor : 2.52 dB(A).
Double insulated
Weight: 32.3 kg
Make: Makita

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MH1810 Makita 70LB Electric Breaker
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