Robb Huskinson, Proud Owner of HTC tools.


HTC was established by my father Roy in the garden shed in 1982.

Historical Images Shed

He wrote our original company name "The Hydraulic Tool Company Ltd" in vivid marker pen on the outside and spent his evenings in there servicing tools and his days travelling the country seeing customers. He worked hard to build the business as did my mother who kept the finances (and Roy) in line.

Since these initial days the company has grown - the range of equipment & services have expanded as has the number of people we employ but the basic principle of HTC instilled into me as a little boy - "sell good quality equipment, at a fair price with good back up and service" still remain the same.

Now more than ever before our ability to deliver on this principle depends on the ability of our team. To help guide decision making we have defined our company values and summarised them in the acronym HTC IT.

  • Honesty - Play above the line

  • Team - Keep our promises and have fun

  • Customer Focus - Supply the best solution for our customer not our bottom line

  • Innovation & Growth - Ask why ? - challenge the status quo without fear

  • Teach - Knowledge shared is strength

Recently we've set ourselves some goals which have refocused us on growth. In order to achieve our targets we've embarked on a journey to become a remarkable company for our staff, customers, suppliers and stake holders. We recognise that the key thing to reaching these goals is delivering value to our customers. Therefore we encourage you to share your experiences (good & bad) to help us improve and deliver a better experience. Feel free to email me or anyone of my team with your thoughts, ideas or comments.

Great customer Service and always reliable with a fast turnaround. Hayden @ Fitzroy Engineering

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Diamond - DC-20HL - Up to 20mm

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